General Rules for Competition

  • All entries must be the original work of the photographer.
  • Members are permitted three entries each in Monochrome, Color, Creative: Altered Reality (CAR), 4X6 and Projected Images.
  • All entries must have been taken within the prior 12 month period.
  • For prints, your name must appear on the back of each print or print mount.
  • Color print size is not to exceed 8X12 and must be mounted in a 11X14 slip mount.
  • Color prints and black & white prints can be printed commercially or printed at home.
  • Slides must have your name and a thumb mark on the slide mount and an Executive Board member must be notified in advance.
  • All entries must be of the theme selected for each meeting.
  • Guests are not permitted to vote.

Print Competition:


The print may be made traditionally (wet darkroom) or by computer. Minor adjustments to the print is permitted, such as spot removal, burning and dodging. The print may have one added color and still be considered in this category black and white. This print is mounted.


As with black and white this print may be made traditionally or by a computer. To be in this category the print can not have radical changes applied to the print: touching up spots, dodging and burning are permitted. This print is mounted.

Created: Altered Reality (CAR):

The print being submitted is completely new and different from the original image. Images are not limited to images created and/or modified digitally. Images may also be acquired and or modified traditionally (film, slides) and scanned or copied digitally to be electronically printed. Monochrome and color altered prints will be judged together. This is a mounted print.


This category excepts all 4x6 prints whether color, black and white or CAR. The print may be printed commercial or home. This print is un-mounted. 

Voting for Prints:

All prints are assigned a number and placed on a rack. If a possibility exist of displaying the print wrong, an arrow on the back of the print should indicate which side is up. To vote each member will pick up a paper ballot divided into three boxes (first, second and third) for each category. Each club member then writes the number of the print in the box he/she believes to warrant first, second or third place. Each print will receive one point for entering, a first place vote counts 3, a second place vote counts 2 and a third place vote counts 1. The print with the highest number of points is first, the second most points, second and the third most third. Tie votes are permitted. The total points of each individuals entries are totaled to determine the end of year awards.

Projected Image Competition:

Each photographer may enter three images for projection. The images should be no wider that 1024 pixels and no taller than 768 pixels for a horizontal image and no taller than 1024 pixels for a vertical image. Files must be named in the following naming convention: (Last name, First initial - Name of Image) i.e. Smith A - Red Sunset.jpg.  All images must be in the JPEG format. Capitals and lower case letters are appreciated but not necessary in this naming convention. Projected images may be color, monochrome, or CAR and will be scored with and in the same manner as slides.  Remember to email your projected images to the club email Email images by 4pm of the previous day to the monthly meeting please.  Remember all images should have your name and title.


If you plan to enter a slide an Executive Board member must be notified 24 hours in advance of the meeting. Slides of color, monochrome or CAR may be entered into the projected images category and will be judged as a Projected Image.

Voting for Projected Images:

Each projected image is on the screen for a five-second preview. Then each is shown for fifteen seconds during which time all members can vote once for as many slides as they like. Voting is done verbally by counting out "one," "two," "three," etc., until the image receives eight votes. It then moves into the final round. In the final round each member may vote for only one image. The final round of voting consists of all the images that received highest number of votes in the preliminary round of voting (usually 7 or 8 votes). Once again, these images are previewed for five seconds. Every member now has only ONE vote for the image of their choice. Each image is then shown and voted on until the voting stops within the allotted 15 seconds. First, second, and third place winners are decided on in this way. Tie votes are permitted. To eliminate ties, images with the same number of votes may be subject to a secondary vote of those tied images only. The total points of each individuals entries are totaled to determine the end of year awards.